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Day Trip in San Francisco

Going on a Day’s Trip in San Francisco ? Take a Tourist Attractions Shopping List

Here are some of my favorite San Francisco Tourist Attractions – and what to do when you’re tripping there:

  1. Haight Street – Junk Shopping (especially for Kinky stuff)
  2. Golden Gate Park – Tree Hugging in the Arboretum
  3. Baker Beach – Meditation on the Beauty of Things
  4. Golden Gate Bridge – Crossing it by foot (both ways)
  5. San Francisco’s Chinatown – Eating Lunch in a small joint
  6. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – Feeling very Cultural
  7. Lombard Street – On a Bizzare Skateboard
  8. Castro Street – Nightlife Bar Hopping (like there’s no tomorrow)

Now, this is Beautyfull – I Love it, there are just so many freakin’ Cool People, Bizzare Art Performances, Great Park and lots of Crazy Stuff – Come with Flowers – Upper Haight…

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One Response

  1. mmm I love San Francisco and I LOVE those places that you talked about but I have to add something:-)

    I am from France , I have been living in the city for 2 years and I am never tired of shopping on Union Street. I start at Gough , stop by my store Nousha (Union and Octavia), walk until fillmore and then make a left until Chesnut St, great places to have a brunch with my friends..
    I end up walking down Crissy Field Beach and enjoying this amazing view of the Golden Gate… never tired of it! I feel so lucky to be here everyday!
    Next time stop by our boutique and we ll share more day trip tips;-)
    Have a wonderful day!

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