Eccentric America

Amazing Facts : The nostalgic Utopia of America is Fucking Trippin’ all over –

I tripped over this crazy book in Amazon – can’t figure out how exactly…
Apparently it is “a Guide to all things wacky, weird, curious, and bizarre in the U.S.A.” –
Of course the cover picture is from Burning Man, and that made me hungry !!!
The book is called “Eccentric America” and was written by: Jan Friedman.

The Plucked Rat presents : This Book cover picture that was taken from Amazon

From the Back Cover
Offering a provocative look at over 1,000 of the quirkiest people and places on the fringes of mainstream tourism, Eccentric America leads you to the country’s most unforgettable experiences.
The second edition of this award-winning book has been thoroughly updated, with 330 totally new entries, regional calendars of wacky festivals and events, and an intriguing “Heights of Eccentricity” map of the United States. An entertaining and funny read, it’s also a comprehensive guide to a side of American culture you won’t want to miss.

One user’s review on this book said: “My other books live on a shelf, but this one lives in my suitcase! I take this marvellous guide with me whenever I travel. When I get back home and show my photos around, everyone’s always amazed at my ability to seek out the odd and quirky. I’ve checked out similar guides, but this one stands far above the others. And the second edition has lots of new material, so I’ve happily retired my tattered and worn first edition. Very highly recommended!”
– – Timothy Klein (Dallas, Texas)

Personally I’ve just added it to my shopping list – can’t wait till I put my hand on it…
The only thing come to mind is : ” Fucking Bullshit man – I have to go this year !!!

I recommend a Trip to Crazy Burning Man Festival – I think every one should go (and don’t forget the videos)…

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  1. I absolutely loved reading through your blog this morning. I’ll be reading daily. Thanks for adding me on Blog Catalog. Hope to read more soon.

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