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For user Elliot Spitzer – Burning Man Tickets are Available !

Is Elliot Spitzer a TripCart user -or- Was it Ashley ???

First of all I think Ashley is so Hot… I don’t have any money – but she’s totally worth it !

Trip N’ Burn presents : Nice Boobs – for 4000 $ an hour they are yours… credits to Ashley ©

A Trippy Blooger Buddy of mine, has just posted a Burning Hot Spitzer News flash, about a user calling himself “elliot spitzer” which apparently posted a very detailed plan of his Tourist Attractions Trip to DC.
If anyone wonders what de hack he was up to – It is open to the public eyes…

Ain’t it a Beauty ? – I would like to Support Elliot Spitzer – – Elliot, You are the Man !!!
Burning Man Tickets for 2008 are Now Available – currently at $295 and going up –
Important info : You must purchase your tickets before arriving. NO GATE SALES !

In Burning Man Festival you don’t have to pay 4000 $ an hour to get Fucked, only a bit under 300 $ a week…

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