Burning Man Cat Video

A random Burning Man Cat Video – I love Sphynx cats…

Here’s another fun mini video of Sphynx Cat in a Burning Man Event Nudist Resort –
This mini video found on YouTube, shows a cat – with a hat…

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by Boosweetpea ©

It seems that since the Austin Powers Film –
Sphynx cats Rock and Roll and – – – Burning Man, Ye Baby !

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One Response

  1. Hello 🙂 Just wanted to let you know about my video

    it’s called ‘Feels so good’ and it features Brian the sphynx
    and being completely covered in puppies!!!

    All things that feel so good but may be slightly wrong 😉
    Go and have a look 🙂 I would be honored if you would link to it 🙂

    Many smiles

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