About Me

Trip-N-BurnI’m a Trippin’ Burner (a sucker for both activities),
and where’s the best place on earth to be doing them both at? BurningMan – where else!
Twice, I was fortunate enough to go to BurningMan –
on 1998 & 2000 (the fact I live in Israel – is a bit of an obstacle)…
Since I Experienced the Burningman Effect – every year I dream of going back.
I’d love to go there again this year (as every other),
But I’m about to become a fathrer – so, it might be impossible after all…
Instead I’ll be trying to relieve the Anxiety, and relive my dreams – through this blog.
Any old way, I am 37 (but who’s counting) and I am working as a QA Engineer in a software company (but deep inside I’m still the Artist I always dreamed of becoming – and hopfully will become some time).

3 Responses

  1. Hey tripnburn….

    been enjoying your blog. Ive been going to BM since 2005 and wouldnt miss it. Also been to israel many times.

    How do we get you back to BRC?

    – Colonel Angus

  2. Thanks Colonel,
    I envy you for going – I feel I really need it too.
    I’ve been trying to set an Israeli Burning Man.
    Nothing even comes close to the Real thing.
    In order for me to be able to attend it this year – I’d have to get My Wife’s Approval – She is the Boss in the House! The fact she’s about to give birth in 2 months, makes it almost impossible…
    Hopefully next year – I will settle for that.
    – The Plucked Rat.

  3. Hope you can go again. It truly is life changing, the art is amazing and so are the people.
    Congratulations on becoming new parents.

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