Burning Man Art and Performance

Burning Man Festival is well known for the Radical Self Expression it promotes

I wrote in my Masters Thesis on The new concept of “spectisipant” that was created in Burningman Festival.
I will try to explain it in the Future – When the time is right.

I must also define the differences Between what is considered to be ART –
And what is in fact merely Bob.

It's an Art, It's a junk - It's only Bob...
Trip N’ Burn presents : Art vs. Bob ©

In the future, I will expect the reader to be able to easily differentiate –
Between Art and Bob.

Be prepared to do so if asked to !!!

Apparently this is Art –

Trip N’ Burn presents : an ART photo taken by Tzur Noy ©

Is this also ART ?

a jackson pollock drip…
Trip N’ Burn presents : a Bob made by Yours Truly ©

The Art of Burning Man is the sum of all –
Radical Self Expressions of its Participants.

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