··· My New Born ···

Congrats – I’ve became a dad…

So — Aint he a Nice Baby ( makes me wanna eat him ) ?
He is so Smart and Cute…

Next year I'm going to Burning Man
Trip N’ Burn presents : a photo of E-tamar ©

Telling you, becoming a dad – is my Burning Man this year!

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Hitler Plans to go to Burning Man – Crazy Video !!!

Planning to go to the next Burning Man Festival ?

Another friend sent me this crazy YouTube video of Hitler Planning his next Burning Man Trip with his Bunker Buddies — I loved it !!!
It’s hilarious » Check it out…

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by athaung ©

If any of you know, where can I get one of those –
Let me know as well…

Looking for Tickets to the next Burning Man ?
Bring your Video with you and start documenting…

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