Burning Man Video Montage

A Burning Man Video Montage – that would make you want to go there…

Here’s a fun trippy montage video of Burning Man – and a Real Documentary treat.
I Found it on YouTube – where else.
This montage video shows the true spirit of the Burning Man Festival.
It’s Awesome – Just Plain Insanity – Crazy – and (I hope) would make you want to go tripping there.

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by David Float ©

This Burning Man 2007 musical montage Video –
Goes well with a strong cup of coffee to go…

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Burning Man Cat Video

A random Burning Man Cat Video – I love Sphynx cats…

Here’s another fun mini video of Sphynx Cat in a Burning Man Event Nudist Resort –
This mini video found on YouTube, shows a cat – with a hat…

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by Boosweetpea ©

It seems that since the Austin Powers Film –
Sphynx cats Rock and Roll and – – – Burning Man, Ye Baby !

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