··· My New Born ···

Congrats – I’ve became a dad…

So — Aint he a Nice Baby ( makes me wanna eat him ) ?
He is so Smart and Cute…

Next year I'm going to Burning Man
Trip N’ Burn presents : a photo of E-tamar ©

Telling you, becoming a dad – is my Burning Man this year!

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What the Hell is it with you… Is it Spring Time already?

What’d F**k’s the connection ? – it doesn’t make sense…

First, I want to apologize for the previous post –
I got some replies saying it is a bit boring (and I could not agree with them more) song… Actually I was pretty sure the role of the Sphinx Cat was bigger (a bit post modern of me – ain’t it?) –
So, that is that, and we can go back to our usual business (or should I say bullshit).

It’s Spring time now in Israel – and the Citrus is blooming in a powerful intensity –
The oranges and grapefruits, lemons and tangerines plantations alongside the roads are breathing a beautiful scent (something like Jasmin blossom – but much stronger). I ride my scooter from home to work each morning, and crossing the plantations – and back home at the evenings – I fill my lungs with the fragrance that dispersed all over.

I wish this intoxicating smell could stay for more than a few weeks a year –
It is so lovely – it is almost unbearable !!!
I sit in my office ( 1111 ), the window is open and the air is soaked with this smell of fresh flower power, seriously it drives me nuts !!!
And for that – Today, I want to bring you this fun video of –
Riverside’s Orange Blossoms Festival (what ever that is):

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by Irish Tuckerera ©

Smile – it is spring time – soon the summer would come, with it’s unbearable heat and we can return missing the winter…

Spring is the time for Festivals –
Fill your lungs and start to party…

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