Picture from Tel Aviv Beach

Cellular Self Portrait on TLV sea shore

That’s my latest Self Portrait: “Beach O Rama TLV with a crooked nose”.

Trip N’ Burn presents : ” ME – Tel Aviv Beach 2008 ” ©

Soon I will post ” Free Fall ” which is a new Video I’m working on…

Pictures are rare this days… NOT !!!

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My Ideas regarding Art Photography and Video (1).

My Theories and Ideas regarding Art and Photography

I’m not only about Burning Man and Burning Man Festival – I am also about ART.
I said it once and will say it again – I am an Exhibitionists.
I dream of one day making an Exhibition of only Me – With lots of Ego-Trippin etc.
My Philosophy of Art is that every thing you put in context of an Art Place –

Take a look at this photo for example –
It is a model of a venue I want to install:

Trip N’ Burn presents : ” Art vs. Bob ” made by The Plucked Rat © – Click for more…

I had this Dream about an Art Project I make in the future –
It is of an Art Palace full of Video Art installations of My Self –
On Big Screens and in Close-Ups… (the-big-ego-trip),
And in this Fun Event I’ll combine Low Art with Mighty Fine Art.
Make a full of the spectators and lure them to believe they see Art –
When in fact all they see is merely Bob…

You enter this Random Art Exhibition as if you entered a Candy Shop –
An Eye Candy shop… Full of Cool Things that’ll give you a culture-shock.
Pink – Blue – Green – Yellow… That sort of shit –
You know – STUFF…

Note: I am a Wannabie Artist – for sell – and god dam it – the demand now a days is very low for the crap I’m selling – so obviously, the prices went down – and if you ask me – now is the time to buy… buy… buy…

If you think crazy Video Performances can be good shit –
Wait till the smoke goes away – Then the Rat goes loose…

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Burning Man Photo: Titis on the roof

Here is a nice photo 4 U guys (of 4 pairs of tits) – Were else, but in Burning Man.

Amazing Fact: Sex Still Sells !!!
Because I saw how much you loved the “Critical Tits Bicycle Ride” post,
I decided to give you some more of the same dish…

So here’s three pairs of tits on the roof of an RV with a lucky bastard –
That only god knows, what the fuck is he holding between his legs…

Trip N’ Burn presents : a photo by Alon Truman ©

If anyone has a notion of what this yellow thing is –
Comment below and let us all know…
It all looks as something from the 1990s…
No Fucking Bullshit, it is a Heartbreak form of Art – Look and Weep…
And Remember – You don’t need Visas to go there !!!

Hot Topless playa chicks on a Hot RV roof top – It is no Art, But they are Nude in a Parking Lot (even if in Black Rock)…

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Fire Art – Video from Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival Video – The Fire Pendulum Art Piece.

I cant say for sure why i like this video of Burning Man –
It is probably not the video but the concept…
I guess out of all Places to Trip at –
Once you tripped on Burningman – Your Burned.

It was found on YouTube
Do you savor tripping over big fucking fire burst ?
This video shows the fire pendulum at Burningman 2006.

Propane propulsion at the top of this monster and it’s swinging around.
There’s plenty of Burning Art and Explosions to trip over on the Black Rock Desert Playa – If you’re on Shrooms, t is like Sabotage to ones mind…

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by Moshen ©

I love Burning Man Festival Art – Eco and Environmental,
If you are not careful enough – It could easily kill you !

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Burningman Documentary Trailer

Freaky Philosophical Theory in a Burningman Video Art Documentary

Check out this cool trailer of Udi Oel’s “Burningman Documentary Movie” – – –
It’s a promo to an indy documentary film, about 3 Israelis going to get burned in burning man festival (directed by: Udi Oel / edited by: Itay Goldstein).
This Burning Man movie shows the ART in General, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Burningman – – –

Udi is an Israeli film artist, who wonders “what the hell is this crazy thing?” – He went on a journey to find out the answer – a Road Trip from Los Angeles California to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada U.S.A, accompanied by a friend – and then they filmed around Burningman for a week – interviewing fabulous people and shooting some unusual ART Pieces – some of which are magnificent works of Environmental Eco Art and Fire Art. The fact that he got to interview Larry Harvey is a privilege (a real treat), but I also loved watching the rest of them Crazy Burners (their ART and Nudity – it’s a Fun Event) and all the Psychedelic Performances.

I met Udi some years ego, as I was trying to bring to life my own 30 h’ of burningman videos – I obviously needed the help, in turning the footage into a film (never happened) – Eventually, we both struggled with almost the same issues – Unlike me he kept on struggling -and- I hope we could all see his finished documentary soon.

Join the Freak Network Tourist Attractions Trip – and enjoy…

The Plucked Rat presents : Video by Udi Oel

Black Rock City never looked better – this is my favorite Burning Man Festival Documentary Video – beside my film…

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