Picture from Tel Aviv Beach

Cellular Self Portrait on TLV sea shore

That’s my latest Self Portrait: “Beach O Rama TLV with a crooked nose”.

Trip N’ Burn presents : ” ME – Tel Aviv Beach 2008 ” ©

Soon I will post ” Free Fall ” which is a new Video I’m working on…

Pictures are rare this days… NOT !!!

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Me – Video Art

Me, My Eye -and- My Video

Enjoy a fresh ‘Film Still’ from my new Video Art Installation: “SEXhibition”.
Ti’s about a combination of Video ART and Sex…
The Eye acts as a powerful Sexual Symbol.
Have you ever read Georges Bataille‘s “Story of the Eye” ( Histoire de l’oeil ) ???

» Click on the Picture – See more Videos «

Trip N’ Burn presents : ” Me -and- My Eye ” ©

Soon I will publish ” Flower Power ” which is a new Video I’m working on…
It is also crappy… You’ll love it, Probably not — – –

Video Art Performances can sometimes be Good Shit –
This is one’s an example of how bad can it get as well…

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Romantic Getaway vs. Family Vacation

Planning a Romantic Vacation – Check this video out…

A Romantic Getaway can easily lead to a Family Vacation – Be Ware !!!

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by Romancing the Mouse ©

I need a Vacation (and I’m speaking about Burningman)…

Best Romantic Getaways in the U.S.A:

We have to Remember the Holocaust !!!

Tonight will start the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day…

I know it is out of the blue – and, that you probably expected me to post another Tit Photo (or something goofy like that), But – you know I’m from Israel (and also a proud Jew) and tonight – We Israelis, will start our Holocaust Memorial Day (a day before our Independence) – its a sad time for us to Reflect on our Past and to Remember those who did not make it out (and Honor those who did survive that Crazy thing).
In Israel Sadness is Followed by happiness (so we will be left with a good taste in our mouth) and Historically our Independence came right after our personal disaster – The Holocaust – in which 6 Millions Jews were killed in various ways of monstrosity, only because they were Jews. Even now, Israel is still fighting for its Independence (against nations that seek its’ destruction) – But, I don’t wanna get into that politics of the present…
Now, I also know the world today – is not clean of crazy genocides, and that many people suffer today (mainly in Africa) as we suffered more than 60 years ago – But, in order for us to become more human – We must Remember (and try our best not to repeat the pasts mistakes).

We have to Remember the Holocaust !!!
Trip N’ Burn presents : United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – (wikimedia commons) ©

Remember, for you are Human !

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What the Hell is it with you… Is it Spring Time already?

What’d F**k’s the connection ? – it doesn’t make sense…

First, I want to apologize for the previous post –
I got some replies saying it is a bit boring (and I could not agree with them more) song… Actually I was pretty sure the role of the Sphinx Cat was bigger (a bit post modern of me – ain’t it?) –
So, that is that, and we can go back to our usual business (or should I say bullshit).

It’s Spring time now in Israel – and the Citrus is blooming in a powerful intensity –
The oranges and grapefruits, lemons and tangerines plantations alongside the roads are breathing a beautiful scent (something like Jasmin blossom – but much stronger). I ride my scooter from home to work each morning, and crossing the plantations – and back home at the evenings – I fill my lungs with the fragrance that dispersed all over.

I wish this intoxicating smell could stay for more than a few weeks a year –
It is so lovely – it is almost unbearable !!!
I sit in my office ( 1111 ), the window is open and the air is soaked with this smell of fresh flower power, seriously it drives me nuts !!!
And for that – Today, I want to bring you this fun video of –
Riverside’s Orange Blossoms Festival (what ever that is):

Trip N’ Burn presents : Video by Irish Tuckerera ©

Smile – it is spring time – soon the summer would come, with it’s unbearable heat and we can return missing the winter…

Spring is the time for Festivals –
Fill your lungs and start to party…

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