In Memory of Albert Hofmann

Albert Homann Died – he was 102 years old – may he rest in peace.
Dr. Albert Hofmann (the famous pharmacologist who first synthesized LSD), died on Apr 29 night (at the age of 102). He died at home probably from a heart attack (he was not tripping as he departure out of this reality into the next – like Timothy Leary did).

Hofmann Trips
Trip N’ Burn presents : Hofmann Trips ©

Personally, I still remember the notorious Hofmann Trips of 1996 we used to take…

If you are interested in reading more about his thoughts and about his “problem child” (LSD), here’s a good article from today’s New York Times: ” Albert Hofmann, the Father of LSD “.

Rest In Peace Good Doctor…

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For user Elliot Spitzer – Burning Man Tickets are Available !

Is Elliot Spitzer a TripCart user -or- Was it Ashley ???

First of all I think Ashley is so Hot… I don’t have any money – but she’s totally worth it !

Trip N’ Burn presents : Nice Boobs – for 4000 $ an hour they are yours… credits to Ashley ©

A Trippy Blooger Buddy of mine, has just posted a Burning Hot Spitzer News flash, about a user calling himself “elliot spitzer” which apparently posted a very detailed plan of his Tourist Attractions Trip to DC.
If anyone wonders what de hack he was up to – It is open to the public eyes…

Ain’t it a Beauty ? – I would like to Support Elliot Spitzer – – Elliot, You are the Man !!!
Burning Man Tickets for 2008 are Now Available – currently at $295 and going up –
Important info : You must purchase your tickets before arriving. NO GATE SALES !

In Burning Man Festival you don’t have to pay 4000 $ an hour to get Fucked, only a bit under 300 $ a week…

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