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Purim Festival – The Biblical Burning Man

Cultural Anthropology : Marriage is an Abduction – a Corporate Take Over.

A year ago I got married –
My best friend and brother, “Ranger WoW !” came from San Francisco to attend.
A week after the wedding we all went to the Party of a DJ friend (who was a part of our “Burning Man 2000” gang).
We all celebrated the Hebrew Festival of “PURIM” – a Holiday from biblical times which every one must put on masks and get drunk !!! Seriously – even little kids…
So We did – – – Hot Babes everywhere (but only for the looking as I was a married man) and the Party looked like clip-art.

Now its that time of the year again –
So I want to wish ya’ll a Happy Purim and a good one.

The Plucked Rat presents : Purim photos taken by a Plucked Rat on the loose …

OK, so it’s not Burning Man – nonetheless, who gives a F… It is Purim Festival – and its Trippy…

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