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We have to Remember the Holocaust !!!

Tonight will start the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day…

I know it is out of the blue – and, that you probably expected me to post another Tit Photo (or something goofy like that), But – you know I’m from Israel (and also a proud Jew) and tonight – We Israelis, will start our Holocaust Memorial Day (a day before our Independence) – its a sad time for us to Reflect on our Past and to Remember those who did not make it out (and Honor those who did survive that Crazy thing).
In Israel Sadness is Followed by happiness (so we will be left with a good taste in our mouth) and Historically our Independence came right after our personal disaster – The Holocaust – in which 6 Millions Jews were killed in various ways of monstrosity, only because they were Jews. Even now, Israel is still fighting for its Independence (against nations that seek its’ destruction) – But, I don’t wanna get into that politics of the present…
Now, I also know the world today – is not clean of crazy genocides, and that many people suffer today (mainly in Africa) as we suffered more than 60 years ago – But, in order for us to become more human – We must Remember (and try our best not to repeat the pasts mistakes).

We have to Remember the Holocaust !!!
Trip N’ Burn presents : United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – (wikimedia commons) ©

Remember, for you are Human !

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For user Elliot Spitzer – Burning Man Tickets are Available !

Is Elliot Spitzer a TripCart user -or- Was it Ashley ???

First of all I think Ashley is so Hot… I don’t have any money – but she’s totally worth it !

Trip N’ Burn presents : Nice Boobs – for 4000 $ an hour they are yours… credits to Ashley ©

A Trippy Blooger Buddy of mine, has just posted a Burning Hot Spitzer News flash, about a user calling himself “elliot spitzer” which apparently posted a very detailed plan of his Tourist Attractions Trip to DC.
If anyone wonders what de hack he was up to – It is open to the public eyes…

Ain’t it a Beauty ? – I would like to Support Elliot Spitzer – – Elliot, You are the Man !!!
Burning Man Tickets for 2008 are Now Available – currently at $295 and going up –
Important info : You must purchase your tickets before arriving. NO GATE SALES !

In Burning Man Festival you don’t have to pay 4000 $ an hour to get Fucked, only a bit under 300 $ a week…

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